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Go After Your Passion! & Live a Life You Love!
If Not Now ...When?

Dec 2, 2020

Frannie Foltz is passionate about helping others shine! She helps maxed-out Christian solopreneurs get booked on podcasts so they can build their audience and become the go-to-industry-expert in their own field without having to spend any of their time or energy getting booked!

Frannie is a super connector! She enjoys building relationships with and among her wide and varied network. She's a servant-based leader and philanthropist at heart. She volunteers her time leading bible studies, working in the juvenile detention center, and women's shelter, too.

Frannie lives in Florida and loves to travel. (She's been to 49 US states and plans to get to all 7 continents before she turns 50.) She loves the outdoors, especially all things sun and water related. And after losing and maintaining 125+lbs over 2 decades, she has a passion for fitness! Frannie leads fitness classes, empowering others to be their healthiest, strongest and most confident self.

Frannie's never met a stranger. She would love to connect with you, too. Visit her at