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Go After Your Passion! & Live a Life You Love!
If Not Now ...When?

Jul 9, 2017

First I want to welcome Theresa to the 'Go After Your Passion' Podcast!

I was thinking to day how I don't make good decisions... and how some of those have led to failure.

Failure is a lesson if you let it. Failure redirects you if need be. Failure puts you on your own road. Failure show's us our fear. Failure can motivate or paralyze. Failure brings up a myriad of emotions.

Notice I've not said that it is bad. Failure is not always bad.

We all fail at something:

Failure is not everything of all that I am. I've gotten back up and tried again and succeeded.

I've called my failure's 'bumps in the road' because bumps do not stop you; they just slow you down.

Don't let a failure stop you. You never know who is watching and needs to see you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start all over again. (I'm gonna quote the movie 'Swing Time')

And when you do get back up remember to have compassion with yourself because starting over again or changing direction takes courage.

Being brave and going after your passion is not easy but brings about the most fulfilling life.

There will always be a 'what if....' or an 'If I only....'.

But there will be fewer if you take failure for what it is at the most basic: a lesson.

Now, if I could go back to the woman I was 7 years ago and tell her; don't worry. It will be hard but it will all work out in the end. And learn to trust your decisions. You'll be happy because of them.